agreed is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

agreed Scrabble score: 8

Meaning of agreed

  • to concur in (as an opinion) admit concede agrees that he is right
  • achieve or be in harmony (as of opinion, feeling, or purpose) we agree in our taste in music
  • to arrive at an understanding
  • come to terms agree on a fair division of profits
  • accept or concede something (as the views or wishes of another) agree to a plan
  • be similar correspond both copies agree
  • get along together
  • AGREE, to have the same opinion [v]
  • to have a similar opinion
  • consent to as a course of action agreed to sell him the house
  • be fitting, pleasing, or healthful suit this climate agrees with him
  • have an inflectional form denoting identity or other regular correspondence in a grammatical category (as gender, number, case, or person)
  • settle on by common consent arrange I agreed rental terms with him Eric Bennett
  • be consistent the story agrees with the facts
  • to be beneficial
  • to consent or promise