Is Word all Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

all is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

all Scrabble score: 3

Meaning of all

  • the whole amount, quantity, or extent of needed all the courage they had sat up all night
  • (of the copy for typesetting a particular article, book, issue, etc.) in the possession of the compositor
  • in spite of; notwithstanding
  • too close to the wind
  • everywhere; in every part
  • to any degree or in any way
  • more advantageous; so much the better
  • fully equipped, as a vessel
  • the whole (the entire thing) [n -S]
  • with no vestige of hope remaining
  • in every respect; typically
  • the whole amount or number of
  • ed up entirely consumed used especially of food and drink
  • ing more than one person or thing who all is coming
  • all included; all together
  • much as possible spoke in all seriousness
  • everything considered
  • very tired; exhausted
  • entirely
  • almost
  • the whole quantity; everything
  • for the last time; finally
  • one's whole energy or property
  • mentally competent; not insane or feeble-minded
  • finished; done; ended
  • with all available means or effort
  • fully clothed
  • (of copy) completely set in type
  • together with every other associated or connected attribute, object, or circumstance
  • remarkably; entirely; decidedly (used in negative constructions)
  • in such a way and so suddenly that sails or engines are still set to propel a vessel forward