Is Word bar Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

bar is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

bar Scrabble score: 5

Meaning of bar

  • obstruction; hindrance
  • place where liquor is served
  • plea or objection that effects such destruction
  • except for
  • usually rigid piece (as of wood or metal) longer than it is wide that is used as a handle or support
  • line marking the division between two measures of music
  • submerged or partly submerged bank (as of sand) along a shore or in a river often obstructing navigation
  • solid piece or block of material that is longer than it is wide a bar of gold a candy bar
  • before the court and being tried
  • rroom
  • particular system of courts
  • straight stripe, band, or line much longer than it is wide as
  • to exclude (to shut out) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
  • a straight piece (as of wood or metal) that is longer than it is wide and has any of various uses (as for a lever, support, barrier, or fastening)
  • counter at which food or especially alcoholic beverages are served
  • handrail used by ballet dancers to maintain balance while exercising
  • lace and embroidery joining covered with buttonhole stitch for connecting various parts of the pattern in needlepoint lace and cutwork
  • vertical line across the musical staff before the initial measure accent
  • to provide or fasten with a bar
  • metal or embroidered strip worn on a usually military uniform especially to indicate rank (as of a company officer) or service
  • asure
  • in jail
  • band; stripe
  • to block; hinder
  • long ridge in shallow waters
  • long, evenly shaped piece, esp. of wood or metal
  • op 2b
  • the legal profession or its members
  • before all the judges of a court
  • intangible or nonphysical impediment
  • authority or tribunal that hands down judgment