Is Word bat Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

bat is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

bat Scrabble score: 5

Meaning of bat

  • instance at bat officially charged to a batter except when the batter is hit by a pitch, receives a base on balls, is interfered with by the catcher, or makes a sacrifice hit or sacrifice fly
  • nearly or completely blind; having very poor vision
  • to show no emotion
  • nocturnal flying mammal
  • to blink; flutter
  • the wooden club used in certain games to strike the ball
  • taking one's turn to bat in a game
  • to have every player in the lineup take a turn at bat during a single inning
  • to cause (a run) to be scored by getting a hit
  • to discuss or ponder; debate
  • blow, as with a bat
  • to roam; drift
  • at once; without delay
  • to hit a ball with a bat (cricket,baseball) [v BATTED, BATTING, BATS]
  • to take one's turn as a batter
  • heavy stick or club
  • to do, write, produce, etc., hurriedly
  • to intercede for; vouch for; defend
  • to hit with a bat
  • to have crazy ideas; be very peculiar, erratic, or foolish