bear is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

bear Scrabble score: 6

Meaning of bear

  • to press or weigh down on
  • to be relevant to
  • to press or weigh down
  • surly, uncouth, burly, or shambling person a tall, friendly bear of a man
  • to keep (a boat) from touching or rubbing against a dock, another boat, etc.
  • to confirm
  • to strive harder; intensify one's efforts
  • to be patient with
  • person who believes that stock prices will fall
  • to concentrate on with a specific purpose
  • to give birth to
  • to approach from windward, as a ship
  • to steer away
  • to support
  • a furry animal [n -S] / to endure (to last (to continue (to go on with))) [v BORE, BORN or BORNE or YBORE, BEARING, BEARS] / to act like a bear [v BEARED, BEARING, BEARS]
  • to undergo; endure
  • fully prepared and eager to initiate or deal with a fight, confrontation, or trouble
  • to approach something rapidly
  • marked by falling prices, esp. of stocks
  • to carry
  • large, stocky, omnivorous mammal
  • to approach (another vessel) from windward
  • to strive toward
  • to go in a direction
  • clumsy or rude person
  • to remove the stones from the board after they are all home
  • to endure; face hardship bravely