Is Word dry Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

dry is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

dry Scrabble score: 3

Meaning of dry

  • (in acting) to forget one's lines or part
  • empty of or not yielding liquid
  • to stop talking
  • to undergo or cause to undergo detoxification from consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol
  • immature; unsophisticated
  • to make or become completely dry
  • not expressing emotion
  • without rain
  • (of wine) not sweet
  • to cease to exist; evaporate
  • thirsty
  • having no moisture [adj DRIER, DRIEST, DRYER, DRYEST] / a prohibitionist [n DRIES or DRYS] / to remove the moisture from [v DRIED, DRYING, DRIES]
  • to make or become dry
  • not allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages
  • dull; uninteresting
  • not wet