Is Word end Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

end is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

end Scrabble score: 4

Meaning of end

  • the farthest part or point of something
  • destruction
  • outcome
  • to live within one's means
  • in a row with ends touching
  • to perform one's part or share adequately
  • without an occupation or plans; unsettled; uncertain
  • in reverse position; inverted
  • to cause to stop; terminate; finish
  • very much or many
  • to terminate [v -ED, -ING, -S]
  • the last part
  • purpose
  • point that indicates the limit of something
  • to bring or come to an end
  • continuously; successively
  • finally; after all
  • with the end next to or facing
  • having the end down; upright
  • to conclude; stop
  • at the end of one's ideas or mental resources; perplexed