Is Word eye Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

eye is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

eye Scrabble score: 2

Meaning of eye

  • to glance briefly at; examine hastily
  • to look fixedly at (another person), esp. with obvious admiration; ogle
  • absolutely not; never
  • to give all one's attention to something; look intently
  • to bring someone to a realization of the truth or of something previously unknown
  • (a mild exclamation of contradiction or surprise)
  • to remain attentive; be especially alert
  • to see, or view, or desire to see only
  • to select the best parts or items
  • to watch over attentively
  • to be especially alert or observant
  • to want no other person or thing but
  • to gaze flirtatiously or amorously at
  • repayment in kind, as revenge for an injustice
  • to be vigilant in looking or watching for
  • sight; vision
  • to look at
  • to watch closely [v EYED, EYEING or EYING, EYES] / the organ of sight [n EYES or EYEN or EYNE or EEN]
  • to have exactly the same opinion; agree
  • something like an eye
  • to draw or attract someone's attention
  • to have the ability to appreciate distinctions in; be discerning or perceptive about
  • to catch sight of; see
  • the organ of sight
  • attentive look
  • to see or realize immediately or with ease