Is Word hit Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

hit is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

hit Scrabble score: 6

Meaning of hit

  • to represent or describe precisely or aptly
  • to collide with
  • to make a violent verbal attack
  • to ask to borrow money from
  • to make persistent sexual advances to
  • collision
  • instance of accessing a Web site
  • to strike forcibly [v HIT, HITTING, HITS]
  • to reach with a missile, weapon, etc.
  • to come to light
  • to have a marked effect on
  • to strike
  • to study hard; cram
  • to deal a blow to
  • success
  • to deal a blow aimlessly
  • to imitate, esp. in order to satirize
  • to come into collision
  • to come upon
  • to inject a narcotic drug into a vein
  • to go out on the town; go nightclubbing
  • blow
  • to do something in a quick or casual manner, paying attention to only the most important or obvious facets or items
  • to be congenial or compatible; get along; agree
  • without concern for correctness or detail; haphazardly