Is Word hot Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

hot is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

hot Scrabble score: 6

Meaning of hot

  • ger zealous hot for reform
  • to heat (to make hot) [v HOTTED, HOTTING, HOTS] / having a high temperature [adj HOTTEST]
  • intense and immediate interest some hot gossip
  • showing intense feeling
  • dioactive
  • surd unbelievable wants to fight the champ? that's a hot one
  • having a relatively high temperature
  • (in sports and games) to become very effective or successful; score or win repeatedly or easily
  • ose to something sought hot on the trail
  • excited, aroused, or flustered
  • feeling great heat
  • xy
  • recently stolen
  • currently popular
  • ing in an excited state
  • having a high temperature
  • in an intense, vehement, or passionate manner
  • peppery
  • olent stormy a hot temper a hot battle
  • usually lucky or favorable on a hot streak
  • st a hot new fighter plane a hot lap around the track
  • safe for a fugitive
  • to make something unpleasant for; cause trouble for