ice is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

ice Scrabble score: 5

Meaning of ice

  • sheet or stretch of ice
  • amonds
  • to hit the puck to the far end of the rink, esp. from the defensive area across the offensive area
  • with a good chance of success or realization
  • welry
  • undercover premium paid to a theater employee for choice theater tickets
  • to succeed initially; make a beginning
  • to cool with ice
  • to freeze
  • in a precarious or delicate situation
  • to change to or become coated with ice
  • frozen dessert containing a flavoring (as fruit juice)
  • to overcome reserve, awkwardness, or formality within a group, as in introducing persons
  • state of coldness (as from formality or reserve)
  • to cover with frozen water [v ICED, ICING, ICES]
  • stop it; that's enough
  • to have no influence or importance; fail to impress
  • substance resembling ice
  • frozen water
  • in a state of abeyance or readiness
  • to cover with icing
  • out of activity, as in confinement or imprisonment
  • serving of ice cream
  • frozen dessert