injected is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

injected Scrabble score: 18

Meaning of injected

  • Administer a drug or medicine to (a person or animal) in this way
  • Drive or force (a liquid, esp. a drug or vaccine) into a person or animal's body with a syringe or similar device
  • Imbue something with (a new element)
  • Inject oneself with a narcotic drug, esp. habitually
  • Introduce (something) into a passage, cavity, or solid material under pressure
  • INJECT, to force liquid into [v]
  • Introduce (a new or different element) into something, esp. as a boost or interruption
  • Introduce or feed (a current, beam of particles, etc.) into a substance or device
  • Place (a spacecraft or other object) into an orbit or trajectory