Is Word nod Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

nod is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

nod Scrabble score: 4

Meaning of nod

  • to sway gently
  • signify by a nod nodded their approval
  • brief inclination of the head
  • to fall asleep, esp. owing to the effects of a drug
  • to incline (the head) briefly
  • to express approval of; agree to
  • incline or sway from the vertical as though ready to fall
  • on credit
  • bring, invite, or send by a nod nodded us in
  • to fall asleep or doze, esp. in a sitting position
  • drowsy following a dose of a narcotic drug
  • the land east of Eden where Cain went to dwell. Gen. 4:16
  • to give a quick forward motion of the head [v NODDED, NODDING, NODS]
  • to make a quick downward motion of the head whether deliberately (as in expressing assent or salutation) or involuntarily (as from drowsiness)
  • bend or sway the upper part gently downward or forward bob gently
  • the mythical land of sleep
  • make a slip or error in a moment of abstraction
  • incline (as the head) downward or forward
  • to become sleepy