Is Word pat Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

pat is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

pat Scrabble score: 5

Meaning of pat

  • small mass of something soft, as butter
  • to praise, congratulate, or encourage
  • word of praise, congratulations, or encouragement
  • hitting the mark precisely [adj PATTER, PATTEST] / to stroke gently [v PATTED, PATTING, PATS]
  • female given name, form of Patricia
  • male given name, form of Patrick
  • to cling firmly to one's decision
  • light stroke
  • to strike or tap gently
  • point after touchdown; points after touchdown
  • exactly to the point
  • to pat or pass the hands over the body of (a clothed person) to detect concealed weapons, drugs, etc.