Is Word pay Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

pay is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

pay Scrabble score: 4

Meaning of pay

  • to yield a return on one's investment sufficient to repay one's expenses
  • to get revenge upon for an injury; punish
  • to settle (a debt)
  • to transfer money to (a person) for goods or services
  • to be worthwhile
  • to transfer money as in making a purchase or settling a debt
  • to fall off to leeward
  • to be profitable to
  • to give money in exchanges for goods or service [v PAID or PAYED, PAYING, PAYS]
  • to pay fully
  • to pay (part of the total price) at the time of purchase, with the promise to pay the balance in installments
  • to pay for (goods, services, etc.) at the time of purchase, as opposed to buying on credit
  • to pay one's portion of shared expenses
  • to give (attention, a compliment, etc.) as due
  • to retaliate against or punish
  • to pay (someone) everything that is due that person, esp. to do so and discharge from one's employ
  • to pay income tax by regular deductions from one's salary or wages
  • to pay off or back; amortize
  • wages, salary, etc.
  • to result in success or failure
  • to requite
  • to let out (a rope) by slackening
  • to pay (a debt) in full
  • to distribute (money, wages, etc.); disburse
  • to let out (rope)
  • to bribe
  • to spend no more than income permits; keep out of debt
  • to retaliate upon or punish
  • to give (money) in exchange for goods or services
  • to suffer or be punished for
  • to pay on demand
  • to repay or return