pin is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

pin Scrabble score: 5

Meaning of pin

  • irpin
  • ornament or emblem fastened to clothing with a pin
  • slender pointed piece of metal, wood, etc., for fastening or support
  • belaying pin
  • to hold fast
  • peg for regulating the tension of the strings of a musical instrument
  • (of a young couple) to become formally pledged to one another, though not yet engaged, by the bestowing of such a pin or the exchange of pins
  • (of a young woman) to receive a male student's fraternity pin as a symbol of his affection and fidelity, usually symbolizing that the couple is going steady or plans to become engaged
  • to force (someone) to make a decision
  • personal identification number
  • to ascribe the blame or guilt for something to a person; show someone to be culpable
  • to make (a piece of masonry) level or plumb with wedges
  • to fill (gaps in a rubble wall, etc.) with spalls
  • very thin small pointed metal pin with a head used especially for fastening cloth
  • fall in wrestling
  • to fasten with a pin
  • to end a relationship, project, program, or the like, because of lack of continuing interest, success, funds, etc.
  • to fasten (to secure (to make safe or certain)) [v PINNED, PINNING, PINS]
  • a piece of solid material (as wood or metal) used especially for fastening things together or as a support by which one thing may be suspended from another