Is Word pop Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

pop is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

pop Scrabble score: 7

Meaning of pop

  • to depart, esp. abruptly
  • reflecting the tastes of the general public
  • to thrust quickly
  • to hit a pop fly
  • each; apiece
  • fizzy soft drink
  • to come or go suddenly
  • to visit briefly and unexpectedly; stop in; drop by
  • popular music
  • to pay or buy for oneself or another, esp. as a gift or treat; spring for
  • to be put out by hitting a pop fly caught on the fly by a player on the opposing team
  • of popular songs or art
  • to make a sharp, small, explosive sound [v POPPED, POPPING, POPS]
  • to make or burst with a quick, explosive sound
  • quick, explosive sound
  • to propose marriage
  • to express oneself volubly or excitedly and sometimes irately or indiscreetly
  • proof-of-purchase
  • to appear suddenly or unexpectedly
  • to die, esp. suddenly