Is Word returning Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

returning is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

returning Scrabble score: 10

Meaning of returning

  • Lead (a card of a suit led earlier by one's partner)
  • Yield or make (a profit)
  • Feel, say, or do (the same feeling, action, etc.) in response
  • (in tennis and other sports) Hit or send (the ball) back to an opponent
  • Go back to (a particular state or activity)
  • (of an electorate) Elect (a person or party) to office
  • Turn one's attention back to (something)
  • Continue (a wall) in a changed direction, esp. at right angles
  • (esp. of a feeling) Come back or recur after a period of absence
  • Run upfield with the ball after fielding (a kick), intercepting (a pass), or recovering (a fumble)
  • Give, put, or send (something) back to a place or person
  • (of a judge or jury) State or present (a verdict) in response to a formal request
  • Come or go back to a place or person
  • RETURN, to go back [v]