Is Word so Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

so is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

so Scrabble score: 2

Meaning of so

  • being a limited amount or quantity; up to a certain point or maximum
  • all that is or needs to be said or done
  • in order that
  • st decidedly surely I so don't believe you
  • with the result or purpose
  • a great extent or degree very extremely loves her so
  • the same manner or way also worked hard and so did she
  • st certainly indeed you did so do it
  • provided that
  • as stated
  • an indicated or suggested extent or degree had never been so happy
  • the fifth tone of the scale, also SOL [n -S]
  • being a limited or small number or amount
  • en subsequently and so home and to bed
  • a definite but unspecified extent or degree can only do so much in a day
  • with the result that
  • in this or that way
  • even
  • us 1 for so the Lord said Isa 184(Authorized Version)
  • in a manner or way indicated or suggested do you really think so often used as a substitute for a preceding clause are you ready? I think so I didn't like it and I told her so
  • something, as an amount or cost, that is not specified or determined
  • to such a degree