Is Word sue Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

sue is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

sue Scrabble score: 3

Meaning of sue

  • to bring a civil action (against)
  • seek justice or right from (a person) by legal process
  • take legal proceedings in court
  • female given name, form of Susan,Susanna,Susannah
  • bring an action against
  • to make petition to or for
  • to institute legal proceedings against [v SUED, SEEWING or SUING, SUES]
  • to make application for or apply for and obtain (a writ or the like) from a court of law
  • make a request or application plead usually used with for or to sue for peace
  • pay court or suit to woo
  • pay court woo he loved but sued in vain William Wordsworth
  • proceed with and follow up (a legal action) to proper termination