Is Word use Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

use is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

use Scrabble score: 3

Meaning of use

  • using or being used
  • to take unfair advantage of
  • the power of using something
  • individual habit or group custom
  • od 2b it's no use arguing
  • liturgy having modifications peculiar to a local church or religious order
  • to treat
  • to be accustomed
  • method or manner of employing or applying something gained practice in the use of the camera
  • legal arrangement by which such benefits and profits are so established
  • the act or practice of employing something employment application he made good use of his spare time
  • to consume
  • favorable attitude liking had no use for modern art
  • the purpose for which something is used
  • particular service or end put learning to practical use
  • liturgical form or observance
  • to put into service
  • to put into service [v USED, USING, USES]