Is Word win Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary?

win is Accepted in TWL Scrabble Dictionary

win Scrabble score: 6

Meaning of win

  • obtain by work earn striving to win a living from the sterile soil
  • to succeed in reaching
  • to winnow (to separate chaff from grain) [v WON or WINNED, WAN, WINNING, WINS] / to be victorious [v WON or WINNED, WAN, WINNING, WINS]
  • reach by expenditure of effort
  • to get possession of by effort or fortune
  • gain in or as if in battle or contest won the championship
  • prepare (as a vein or bed) for regular mining
  • to finish first in a competition
  • recover (as metal) from ore
  • victory
  • to succeed by effort
  • be the victor in won the war
  • to win or succeed, esp. over great odds; triumph
  • induce to accept oneself in marriage was unable to win the woman he loved
  • to be victorious in
  • make friendly or favorable to oneself or to one's cause often used with over won him over with persuasive arguments
  • succeed in arriving at a place or a state
  • obtain (as ore, coal, or clay) by mining
  • to get by effort
  • gain the victory in a contest succeed